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The Indiana Health Advocacy Coalition (IHAC) is an interdisciplinary non-profit organization that brings dedicated people of diverse professional backgrounds together to enhance comprehensive, patient-centered care in Indiana.

IHAC educates medical and legal providers about social determinants of health and helps coordinate local efforts to address unmet legal needs that may negatively impact people’s health or impede access to care.

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The MLP World

Our task is to share the amazing work of Medical Legal Partnerships inside and outside of Indiana. Check back for more information!

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Community Health Network's MLP

The Community Health Network-Indiana Legal Services, Inc. Medical Legal Partnership (also known as the “MLP”) is a partnership between Community Health Network and Indiana Legal Services, Inc. to provide free, civil legal assistance to patients in Community Health Network’s east and south regions and behavioral health patients residing in Marion County.
The goal of the MLP, which began in June 2017, is to provide individualized legal services to patients in a manner that has a significant, positive impact on health-harming issues such as access to clean and safe housing, access to food, and income maintenance. The mission of the MLP is to help provide stability to individuals and families through the provision of civil legal services.

Eskenazi Health, Indianapolis

This service works to improve health outcomes by helping patients manage civil legal issues that affect their health. To request this assistance, patients should contact their nurse, physician or social worker for a referral.

Medical-Legal Partnership offers assistance with:

  • Housing

  • Consumer rights

  • Immigration

  • Family and stability

  • Government benefits

  • Education law

  • Decision-making

  • Gender marker changes/name changes

  • Expungement (setting aside a criminal conviction)

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Supporting Indiana's MLPs

MLP= Medical  Legal Partnership

Medical-legal partnerships (MLPs) bring together medical professionals and lawyers to address social causes of health disparities, including access to adequate food, housing and income.

FAQ's about MLPs

A Medical Legal Partnership in Indiana

About Us:

The Indiana Health Advocacy Coalition (IHAC) is an interdisciplinary 501(c)(3) organization that brings health care providers, lawyers, public health professionals, academics and other advocates together to enhance comprehensive, patient-centered care in Indiana.

Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) is a health care delivery model that improves the health and wellbeing of low-income and other vulnerable populations (such as children, veterans and the elderly) by addressing unmet legal and social needs and removing legal barriers that impede access to care.

Local MLPs integrate lawyers directly into the health care team so that they may partner with health care providers to deliver comprehensive, patient-centered care in a variety of settings. Classic examples of unmet legal needs that have the potential to adversely impact health include unsafe rental home conditions that result in injury or disease and unjust denials of entitlement program benefits that result in food insecurity or inadequate access to care

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Toolkit to Guide New Medical Legal Partnerships!

The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership has published a toolkit that provides the health center community with information and resources to start, strengthen, and sustain a medical-legal partnership (MLP). The toolkit can be used both by health centers new to MLP who want help with the initial planning process and by health centers that are already actively providing legal services, but want help facilitating continuous quality improvement conversations to address issues like low/high referral volumes or funding instability.

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Meet the Team

The People of Our Organization

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Rakuya Trice, JD

Deputy Director of Legal Services, ILSI
President, IHAC Board of Directors

Rakuya is the Deputy Director of Indiana Legal Services (ILS) and has served as ILS' Director of Medical-Legal Partnerships since 2019. Having worked with MLPs since 2017, Rakuya organized the first Midwest Regional MLP Conference, held in Carmel, Indiana in 2018. Rakuya has been a practicing lawyer for nearly 20 years.

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IHAC's History

Founded in 2005, IHAC supports a wide variety of organizations, programs and services that believe in addressing social determinants of health in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner. IHAC has helped coordinate and support the growth of local Medical-Legal Partnerships that seek to address the unmet health-harming legal and social needs of vulnerable populations.


Honoring Past IHAC Board Members

Kathy Zoppi

Barb Bachmeier

Jay Chaudhary

Ike Willett 

Enid Zwirn 

Marley Bradley

Priscilla Keith

Joyce Hertko

Anna Kirkman 

Adam Mueller

Chad Priest

Suzann Lupton

Mary Chiccarelli

Virginia Caine

Heather McCabe

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“One is not always happy when one is good; but one is always good when one is happy”

Oscar Wilde

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